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Canadian Biotech Disruptor Lexston Life Sciences is

Unlocking the “God Molecule”

To Dominate the $4.7 Billion Psy-che-delics Market

4 Key Advantages that Make Lexston Life Sciences a New Natural Leader in Psy-che-delics:

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The company’s Revolutionary Hybrid Business model is fueling organic growth from early revenue.10

Newly DTC-Certified with a low float that could provide explosive moves on daily basis when potential catalysts arise. 1

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Driven by Elite Management Team with years of experience successfully navigating Canada’s tough regulatory framework.2

Unrivaled Flexibility to Research and Develop new IP in Canada’s Rapidly-Growing Psy-che-delics industry. 10

5-meO-DM-T is often referred to as the “God Molecule,” for its ability to spark transcendental, transformative and religious experiences. 3

Extracted from the Bufo alvarius toad from Mexico, it’s a powerful psy-che-delic believed to be effective in treating a variety of ailments like anxiety and depression.

Perhaps most famously, Mike Tyson recently admitted that he smokes the extract on a regular basis. According to Tyson, he’d used it 53 times in the months leading up to an interview in November. 4

He said that it not only helped him to address personal mental health issues, but also to lose 100 pounds, reconnect with his children, and start boxing again.

“It has made me more creative and helps me focus,” he said. “I’m more present as a businessman and entrepreneur.”

And he’s not alone …

Psy-che-delics therapy is making headlines in the BBC5, and major medical research organizations like John Hopkins6 are delving deeper into the benefits than ever before. More than 6,000 different studies across 40,000 patients have now been completed, researching their effectiveness in treating everything from alcoholism and depression to schizophrenia and autism.5

Psy-che-delics are showing all the potential of becoming a major new medical field—and subsequently a BIG business in the very near future.

There’s just one catch.

Many of these compounds are still very much illegal in some of the world’s largest potential markets. So while there’s no shortage of company’s touting psy-che-delics promises, there are just a handful approved for research and development in any given field.

That’s where Lexston Life Sciences and their subsidiary Egret Bioscience come into the picture …

A New Leader on the Psy-che-delic Frontier

Lexston Life Sciences had its Initial Public Offering in June of last year (2021), with an entry into the OTCQB Venture Markets and DTC-certification following just a few months later.7

Since then, the company has remained relatively “under the radar” while rapidly generating some early revenue through its subsidiary, Egret Bioscience.

The company provides contact-based research for third parties, analytical testing services and stability testing. Their field of research includes the “God Molecule” mentioned above, along with a number of different cann-a-binoids and a few other popular psy-che-delics.7

They key factor that differentiates them from the competition—and a major advantage for the company—comes from their leadership.

Chief Executive Officer and Director Jagdip Bal is a veteran of Canada’s canna-bis industry, where he was President and Director of Heritage Canna-bis Holdings Corp., a vertically-integrated canna-bis provider. If you’ve not heard of Heritage, they were a major player in the very early stages of Canada’s canna-bis boom.2

That means he and his team are no stranger to Canada’s strict regulations and requirements when it comes to researching “contraband” chemicals and compounds. They’ve got priceless experience when it comes to the licensing processes practiced by Health Canada.

The biggest hurdle for Lexston, or any other Canadian company, when it comes to Research is Canada’s “Section 56 exemption.”8

A Section 56 Exemption is essentially the final “green light” for psy-che-delics therapy. Having one of these exemptions allows approved medical professionals to prescribe or even personally ingest controlled substances without fear of legal consequence, as long as they’re helping to treat people in otherwise treatment-resistant conditions.

The process is unspeakably complicated by most accounts, even requiring full security clearance on behalf of the involved parties (which Mr. Bal and his team have likely retained from their time with Heritage).

With his unique “Insider” knowledge building a Canadian canna-bis business from the ground up, Bal and his team have a natural advantage when it comes to the most tedious, most complicated, and arguably the most important aspect of psy-che-delics research and development.

Selling “Picks and Shovels” for the Psy-che-delics Gold Rush

Remarkably, even just a few months after inception, the company is already generating revenues by monetizing its natural advantages in Canada’s red-hot market for psy-che-delics.

Through the company’s subsidiary, Egret Bioscience, the company has been completing research contracts, analytical testing and retail tissue culture testing at an increasing rate—with enough projected income for 2022 to cover the year’s expenses.

It’s hard to overstate the importance of this accomplishment.

In a field where most competitors are 2-3 years from even their first revenues, Lexston is already set to be self-sustaining by the end of this year.

In September of 2021, the company acquired Zenalytic laboratories’ canna-bis testing and analytics facility in Colona, British Columbia. This acquisition is already staffed up and running, which means all they need is a Section J Dealer License to handle all psy-che-delics.

“The acquisition of Zen Labs further strengthens our ability to obtain a Section J Dealer’s License for Controlled Drugs and Substances with Health Canada and expediates our continued growth in the burgeoning world of Psy-che-delics”, stated Jag Bal, CEO of Lexston. “This facility is ideal for fulfilling our mandate to be a leader in the ever-expanding space of Health and Wellness”.9

In terms of the technology, the same equipment is used regardless of whether you’re studying canna-bis or psy-che-delics. So the company can leverage their existing expertise with cell culture and tissue culture across multiple fields.

Moreover; the company could easily expand past canna-bis-based expertise and into fringe molecules & uncontrolled substances—hence their most recent work with 5-meO-DM-T.

That means the company can take on and service research licenses across a wide swath of largely under-researched compounds. And while Lexston/Egret service these licenses, they’ll be refining their procedures and protocols, evolving and building their own portfolio of Intellectual Property.

Having that kind of flexibility is another major asset here. Where most competitors are locked into a single molecule or segment, Lexston Life Sciences is free to develop ventures suited for different regulatory climates in different countries. They could develop molecule-specific partnerships that would make them a serious target for acquisition.

With access to Canada’s local Ket-amine clinics, the company could rapidly test, implement and develop new therapies and procedures—all while the competition is struggling just to get started.

Low Float Stock with Steady Revenue

One of the most compelling arguments for Lexston Life Sciences comes from just looking at the company’s financials and stock structure.

There are less than 60 million total shares, with the majority escrowed over the next three years. A full 20 million shares are presently restricted, limiting the maximum available float to just 36 million shares representing a cash total of less than $400,000 at today’s (1/6/22) prices. 1

Even for a small and relatively new company, that’s a practically miniscule amount of available exposure for any publicly-traded company. If and when the company books more contracts and boosts their revenue, that could lead to a substantial and swift upward swing due to the limited float and extreme low share price (presently at $.01 on the OTCQB on 1/6/22). 7

Combined with the company’s already-steady revenues set to cover their expenses by the end of 2022, it’s a compelling argument to take a closer look at Lexston Life Sciences (OTCMKTS: LEXTF, CNSX: LEXT).

Company Information

Lexston Life Sciences Corp. provides contract-based research services for the detection and screening of pathogens, analytical testing services for mid-stream cannabinoid potency, and stability testing services. The company is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. The company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Egret Biosciences is a research and development company that brings together industry experts, organic compounds and technology to create and advance legal and nonaddictive therapeutic treatment alternatives.


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